Bayesiant has built a revolutionary Population Health Insights Management System (PHIMS+) which is currently enabling governments and medical professionals to:

  • ✓ Track the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • ✓ Identify geographies and populations that are most susceptible.
  • ✓ Provide equitable vaccine distribution.

This allows for a proactive approach in our communities rather than reactive, providing a new tool in the fight against this pandemic, unlike anything else available today.

We are doing our best to rapidly deploy our PHIMS+ platform to government agencies at every level and will soon offer a version for healthcare organizations nationwide.

Our goal is to quickly get PHIMS+ into the hands of public health policy officials and healthcare professionals and provide community specific insight on the effects of COVID-19 to enable the most effective localized policy and care within our communities.

For more information please visit our detailed FAQ or reach out via our contact page.